SSL Certificates for the Web Console

When you use the Avalanche Web Console, by default it connects to the server using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http), which is not encrypted. If you want your information to be encrypted, you can configure Avalanche to use https with an SSL certificate instead.

If you intend to use Avalanche with an SSL certificate for a secure connection, you have the options of purchasing a certificate through a third-party Certificate Authority (such as Verisign) or creating a self-signed certificate.

Note:   If you create a self-signed certificate, web browsers will not initially recognize the certificate and will display warning messages that the site is not trusted. They may require you to make an exception in order to connect. The connection will be encrypted, however.

Self-signed certificates may also limit some functionality depending on the Flash plug-in for your browser. This would affect uploading software packages, e-mail lists, or floorplan images using the Web Console.

This section contains instructions for the following tasks:

Implementing a Certificate from a Certificate Authority
Implementing a Self-Signed Certificate


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