Uninstalling Avalanche

You can run the Avalanche uninstall utility from the Windows Control Panel or from the Programs menu.

When you uninstall Avalanche, you are given the option to uninstall the PostgreSQL database as well. If you select to uninstall Avalanche and the PostgreSQL database, all components of Avalanche and the database will be removed. If you select to uninstall Avalanche but leave the database, the \db folder located in the default installation directory will remain on your system. (The default location is C:\Program Files\Wavelink\AvalancheMC\db.)

The uninstall utility will not uninstall any infrastructure or mobile device servers that have been deployed. If you want to uninstall device servers, use the Task Scheduler to uninstall them before using the uninstall utility.

The uninstall utility will not remove a Remote Control Server. Remote Control components have separate utilities for uninstallation. For more information, see the Remote Control User Guide.

If you uninstall and reinstall the enterprise server (on the same system) without uninstalling the device servers, the device servers are automatically discovered and appear in the Unassigned Server Locations region. If you install the enterprise server on a different system, device servers are not auto‑discovered.

To uninstall Avalanche:

1   From the Start menu, select Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Wavelink Avalanche and click Change/Remove.


From the Start menu, select Programs > Wavelink Avalanche > Uninstall Avalanche.

The Uninstall Wizard appears.

2   Follow the wizard prompts, based on what you want to remove.

Upon completion, Avalanche and any selected components are removed from your system.


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