Geofence Areas

A geofence is a virtual perimeter defined by GPS coordinates. Geofence areas are displayed when you use the Locate function to locate your devices on the map. When you configure a geofence area and define it as the Home area, Avalanche can generate an alert when devices report a GPS position that is outside of the defined area. Geofences are configured for an AIDC mobile device profile.

To configure a geofence area:

1  From the Profiles tab, click the name of the profile you want to configure.

The Mobile Device Profile Details page appears.

2  Click Edit.

3  In the Geofence Areas panel, click New.

The Add Geofence dialog box appears.

4  Type a name for the area in the Name text box.

5  If you want generate an alert when the device leaves the geofence area, enable the Home check box.

6  Enter the start and end latitude and longitude for the geofence. The start point should be the southwest corner of your area, and the end point should be the northeast.

7  Click Save.

The area is added to the list.


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