Editing or Removing a Registry Key or Value

You can remove an existing registry key on an AIDC device through a mobile device profile. Make changes to the key from the profile, then apply and deploy the profile. You must know the name of the key/value in order to remove it. In order to edit or remove a registry key value from the device, you add the registry key to the profile and set the action to Delete key.

To edit or remove a registry key or value:

1  From the Profiles tab, click on the name of the AIDC mobile device profile you want to configure.

The Profile Details page appears.

2  Click Edit.

The Edit Profile page appears.

3  In the Registry Entries panel, click New.

The Registry Key Entry dialog box appears.

4  Select the Root from the drop-down list.

5  Type the name of the key in the Key text box.

6  Type the value entry of the key in the Name text box.

7  Enter the data for the value entry in the Data text box.

8  Select the Type of the value from the drop-down list.

9  If you are editing the key or key value, select Create key as the Action. If you are deleting the key or key value, select Delete key.

10  Click Save.

The task is added to the list in the Registry keys panel. The value will be changed when the profile is applied on the mobile device.


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