Using Avalanche as an MDM Server for Apple DEP

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) simplifies the initial setup of iOS devices by automatically applying policy changes from a mobile device management service like Avalanche. To begin using DEP, you must have an account enrolled in Apple's Deployment Programs. Once you are approved for Apple DEP, you can set Avalanche as an approved MDM server to begin applying policy changes to orders or individual devices.

To configure Apple DEP with Avalanche:

1  From the Avalanche Console, navigate to Tools > System Settings.

2  Under the Apple Device Enrollment Program section, click Generate to create and download a key-value pair file to your computer.

3  Click Go to Apple Deployment Programs or launch a web browser and navigate to and log in with a DEP-enrolled account.

4  Click Device Enrollment Program > Manage Servers.

5  Click Add MDM Server.

6  Enter a name for the server and click Next.

7  Click Choose File and browse for and upload the key pair you downloaded from Avalanche.

8  Click Next.

9  The service generates a server token. Download the token and then click Done. This token must be used to create or edit a DEP enrollment rule in Avalanche. To use this token for an enrollment rule, see Creating Enrollment Rules for Smart Devices.

You can now assign devices to the Avalanche server by order number or serial number from the Apple Deployment Programs Console. When a device is assigned to Avalanche, it becomes managed by Avalanche and it receives all restrictions associated with the enrollment rule as well as any software payloads associated with its folder.

For a complete tutorial on setting up Apple DEP for use in Avalanche, see the video below.


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