Running the Avalanche Installer

The Avalanche installer is designed to include all components of the service, from the Web Console to the device server. This installer allows you to create all services on the same computer through one installation process. If you want to install the device servers on separate computers, see Installing Device Servers.

Avalanche installs its own JRE and changes the JRE_HOME system variable. If you have a JRE already installed, it is not affected by Avalanche. However, any program using the JRE_HOME variable will be redirected to use the Avalanche JRE.

The Web Console can be installed individually through the Select Components screen of the installer by clearing Mobile Device Server, Smart Device Server, and then Enterprise Server.

Do not install Avalanche 6.0 in a different folder on a system containing any previous versions of Avalanche. The conflicting applications will result in system errors that prevent the Web Console from running.

To install Avalanche:

1  Double-click the Avalanche installer.

2  Select a language and click OK.

3  Review the Pre-Install checklist and then click Next to continue.

4  Browse to your preferred install destination directory and click Next.

5  Select New Installation as the installation type.

6  The Select Components screen appears. Select which components you want included on the installation and click Next.

7  Enter the SQL Server credentials and click Next. The Main DB Name defaults to Avalanche and the Stats DB Name to AvaStats.

The Hostname is the IP address or hostname of the machine running SQL Server. The username and password were set during the Microsoft SQL Server installation process. The port used by Avalanche is 1433.

8  When prompted, click Yes to create the enterprise server and statistics server databases.

9  By default, Wavelink creates shortcuts in the Windows Start menu. Click Next to accept the shortcut, or modify it as desired and then click Next.

10  Click Next to begin the installation.

11  Click Finish to complete the installation.


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