Removing Avalanche from a Device

This section includes instructions for removing the Avalanche Enabler or Avalanche policies from a Smart device. For information on removing the Enabler from a Windows Mobile or Windows CE device, see the Avalanche Enabler User Guide.

This section provides information about using the Avalanche Console to remove Avalanche payloads and associated settings (also called a selective wipe), or removing the settings using the device interface. It also includes instructions for removing the Avalanche Enabler from an Android device.

When the device user removes Avalanche policies from an iOS device, he has the option to remove the device from management, or just removing a specific payload. If the payloads are password-protected, the user must provide the password in order to remove any individual payloads. For information on password protection for payloads, see Configuring General System Settings.

Deleting an iOS mobile device from the Inventory screen will wipe all Avalanche data from the device, including software payloads.

To perform a selective wipe from the Avalanche Console:

1  From the Avalanche Console Inventory tab, click the name of the device you want to perform a selective wipe on.

2  The Device Details page appears. In the Tools panel, click Wipe.

3  The Wipe Device dialog box appears. Click Selective wipe to remove all the data associated with the Avalanche payloads on the device.


Click Selective wipe + delete to remove all the Avalanche data from the device and also delete the device from the Avalanche inventory.

If the device is an Android device, the selective wipe does not remove the Avalanche Enabler from the device. Follow the steps below to remove the Enabler from the device.

To remove the Avalanche Enabler from an Android device:

1  On the Android device, navigate to Settings > Location and Security > Select device administrators.

2  Disable the checkbox for the Wavelink Avalanche app.

3  Navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and tap on the Avalanche app.

4  Tap Clear data.

5  Tap Uninstall.

To remove all Avalanche policies from an iOS device:

1  From the device, launch the Settings app.

2  Tap General > Profiles.

3  If you want to remove all Avalanche policies, tap Wavelink MDM > Remove.


If you want to remove a specific payload, tap Wavelink Profile and then the name of the payload you want to remove. Then tap Remove. If the payloads are password-protected, you are prompted for the password in order to remove the policy.


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