Adding Custom Properties for Scan to Config Profiles

Custom properties allow you to define specific properties that you want applied to the mobile device. An example of a custom property is location = Chicago. Once a custom property has been applied to a device, you can use it as a selection criterion. You can apply custom properties to mobile devices through a Scan to Config profile.

To add a custom property:

1  From the Profiles tab, click on the name of the profile you want to configure.

2  Click Edit.

3  In the Properties panel, click New.

The New Property dialog box appears.

4  Type the Name and Value in the text boxes.

5  Select whether the property is a Device or Network property.

Most properties will be device properties.

6  Click Add.

7  Click Save.

The task is added to the list. The property will be added when the profile is applied on the mobile device.


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