Avalanche powered by Wavelink


Avalanche Services

This is a list of the Avalanche services. Under each service title, you will find the file path where the service is located for a default installation and which server the service is associated with.


C:\Program Files\WavelinkMDM\apache-tomcat-7.0.35\bin\tomcat7.exe

The Tomcat server is responsible for making the Web Console available. It is normally installed with the Enterprise Server.

Wavelink Smart Device Server

C:\Program Files\WavelinkMDM\SmartDeviceServer\sdserver.exe

The Smart Device Server communicates with Android devices.

LANDESK Avalanche Notification Server

C:\Program Files\WavelinkMDM\anserver.exe

The Avalanche Notification Server provides communication to Android devices that do not use the Google Cloud Messaging service. It is installed with the Smart Device Server.

Wavelink AMC Service Manager

C:\Program Files\WavelinkMDM\MobileDeviceServer\WLAvalancheServiceManager.exe

The Service Manager starts and stops the Mobile Device Server. It is installed with a device server.

Wavelink Enterprise Server

C:\Program Files\WavelinkMDM\eserver.exe

This is the Enterprise Server.

Wavelink Information Router

C:\Program Files\WavelinkMDM\WLInfoRailService.exe

The InfoRail service handles messages between servers and databases. It is normally installed with the Enterprise Server.

Wavelink License Server

C:\Program Files\WavelinkMDM\WLLicenseService.exe

The License Server manages licensing. It is normally installed with the Enterprise Server.

Wavelink StatServer

C:\Program Files\WavelinkMDM\StatServer.exe

The Statistics Server handles reports and device statistics. It is generally installed with the Enterprise Server. 

Wavelink Avalanche Manager

C:\Program Files\WavelinkMDM\MobileDeviceServer\WLAvalancheService.exe

This is the Mobile Device Server.

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