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Connecting Android Devices to the Avalanche Server

Smart devices running Android OS version 4.1 or higher can be enrolled in Avalanche. The Avalanche ANS Enabler routes traffic directly between the device and the Avalanche smart device server and must be installed on the device.

In addition to installing the Enabler, you must create at least one enrollment rule to configure the device with the enrollment ID and password, in order to connect Android devices to the server. For information about creating enrollment rules, see Creating Enrollment Rules for Smart Devices.

Android devices also require an SSL certificate to securely connect to the smart device server. For more information, see SSL Certificates.

To allow installation from outside sources:

Because the Avalanche ANS Enabler is installed from the Wavelink site, instead of the Google Play Store, you must enable installation from outside sources to be able to install it.

On version 7.1 or older of Android, navigate to Settings > Security > Unknown sources on the device, and enable the Unknown sources option.

On version 8.0 or higher of Android, navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Special access > Install unknown apps on the device. Select the browser on the device and set it to Allow.

To install the Enabler on an Android device:

1.Use the device to download the ANS Enabler from the download site.

2.From the device notifications, tap the application to install it.

3.Tap Accept to agree to the terms and conditions.

4.Tap Activate to allow the application to be a device administrator.

5.If the device was provisioned with an enroll.prf file, it automatically enrolls. Otherwise, on the Settings page type the Enrollment ID, Password, and Server address in the text boxes and tap Register.
The device is placed in the folder associated with the enrollment rule and receives the smart device profiles applied to the folder.

ClosedUsing Android bulk enrollment

If you have multiple Android devices to enroll in Avalanche, you can mass enroll them by copying a single configuration file to each device. Avalanche will use the information in the file to automatically enroll the device when the Avalanche Enabler is first run on the device. This way you don't have to manually enter the login credentials for Avalanche on each device to enroll it.

Samsung SAFE devices should not be enrolled using bulk enrollment. Otherwise, some SAFE-enabled configurations from the Avalanche server may not work as intended.

To create an enroll.prf for bulk enrollment:

1.Create an enrollment rule and make a note of the enrollment ID and password.

2.Create a text file named enroll.prf that has the following text inside it:

enrollid=[Enrollment ID]
pwd=[Enrollment Password]
server=[Server Address]

3.Copy the enroll.prf file to the devices in one of the following locations:

Zebra devices: /enterprise/usr/persist/

Android 4.4+:/internal sdcard/persist/

Android 4.3 or older:/external sdcard/persist/

After the file is uploaded to the device, run the Avalanche Enabler app. It will automatically reference the enrollment file and enroll the device.

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