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Connecting iOS Devices to the Avalanche Server

Smart devices using iOS 5.0+ can be enrolled in Avalanche. You must create at least one enrollment rule before you can connect iOS devices. The device must be configured with the enrollment ID, password, and server address in order to connect to the server. For information about creating enrollment rules, see Creating Enrollment Rules for Smart Devices.

For a list of ports that iOS devices use to communicate to the smart device server, see Port Information.

To connect an iOS device to the Avalanche server:

1.From the device, use a browser to navigate to:

https://[Smart device server address]/mdm/

For the server address, use the smart device server's hostname or IP address. Unless the IP address is publicly available, it can only be accessed by devices connected to your local area network.

2.Provide the Enrollment ID and Password.

3.Click Enroll.

4.The device is placed in the folder associated with the enrollment rule and receives the smart device profiles applied to the folder.

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