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Mobile Devices Panel

The Mobile Devices panel on the Inventory page shows a set of mobile devices based on the currently selected folder. The following default information is provided for each mobile device:

Device Name

The name of the device.

Model Name

The model name of the mobile device.

IP Address

The Internet Protocol address assigned to the mobile device.


Whether the device is in compliance with the compliance payload, if the device has a compliance payload applied.


The update status of the mobile device. A check mark indicates that the mobile device is up-to-date, and an X indicates that an update is available but not yet loaded on the device.

Last Contact

The date and time of the last contact the mobile device had with Avalanche.

Recent Activity

The status of a mobile device with respect to Avalanche. For example, when the mobile device receives new software, the activity status is Downloading.


The name of the server that the device is connected to.


Notes that have been saved in the Note field for the device details.

Across the top of the panel are device tasks. You can select the checkbox to the left of the device name and then click the task (such as Update or Delete). When you use the Update command, a request is sent to the device that it contact the mobile device server and download any new settings. The Update All and Message All options will update or send a message to all of the devices associated with the current folder and any sub-folders.

To search the device inventory for a specific device, type the device name in the search box.

For more information about options available for the Mobile Device Panel, see Panels.

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