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APN Payload (iOS)

The APN payload allows you to specify the carrier access point that the device should use to connect to a cellular network.

The APN payload modifies the current access point that the device connects to. You can only have one APN payload on the device at a time.

The APN payload configures the APN for the data connection. It does not change the APN settings for MMS.

APN payloads for iOS devices have the following options:

Payload Name

The name of the payload.

Access Point Name (APN)

The access point name the device should use for a cellular connection.


The username for authenticating to the access point.


The password for authenticating to the access point.

Proxy server and port

The address and port of the proxy server. For example:

Authentication Type (iOS 7.0+)

The type of authentication to use when connecting to the access point.

The payload name and APN are required. Other settings may be optional depending on the carrier.

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