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File Payload (Android)

A file payload allows you to push files to Android devices for access by other applications on the device. The files delivered as part of this payload are sent to the external SD card folder location by default. For ruggedized Motorola Android devices, if an external SD card cannot be found, the file is placed within the /Enterprise/Usr folder. For all other Android devices, if an external SD card cannot be found, the file is not copied to the device. A file payload also includes an option to delete files from Android devices.

Non-Android devices are not impacted by this payload.

If the file is deleted from the device while the payload is still applied, it is restored the next time the device syncs with Avalanche. Multiple file payloads can be sent to a single device and applied to a profile. When files are deployed to an Android device, they will also display on that device's Device Details screen as device properties.

If the Data Repository URL Template is altered on the System Settings screen, all file payloads must be saved again to update to the new file location.

This payload has the following options:

Payload Name

The name of the payload.


Determines if the file is being added/updated or deleted from the device.

File Path

The folder on the device where the file will be placed or deleted from. By default, files will be placed in the /Enterprise/usr folder on Zebra devices.


The file to be delivered to the device's SD card or USR folder. You can browse for this file's location on your computer hard drive. Once uploaded, the file's size and upload time stamp are indicated below.

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