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Creating an Enterprise Account

When you create an enterprise service account from the Avalanche console, it will automatically be enrolled in Avalanche, allowing you to create and manage work profiles on your devices. Once you have created an enterprise account, you can sign into the managed Play Store to approve and purchase apps. You can enroll multiple enterprise accounts in Avalanche.

A Google account is required for this process. A Google account can only be associated with one enterprise account. If you want to create multiple enterprise accounts, you must use a different Google account for each.

To create an enterprise service account

1.Ensure that the Google account you want your enterprise to be associated with is signed in on your browser.

2.In the Avalanche console, select Tools > Android Enterprise.

3.Click Create Enterprise.
You will be redirected to Google's Android Enterprise page.

4.Click Get started.

5.Enter your business name and click Next.

6.(Optional) Enter the contact information for your data protection officer and EU representative.

7.Check the I have read and agree to the Managed Google Play agreement box, and click Confirm.

8.Click Complete Registration.
Your enterprise service account is created and enrolled with Avalanche.

To enroll a device with an Android Enterprise, create an enrollment rule that connects to the enterprise account, download the Android Enterprise enabler, and then enroll the device using the enterprise enrollment rule. For information about connecting Android devices to Avalanche, see Connecting Android Devices. For information about enrollment rules, see Creating Enrollment Rules for Smart Devices.

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