System Update Payload (Fully Managed)

With the system update policy payload, you can configure silent, over-the-air system updates for fully managed and dedicated Android Enterprise devices. This payload will affect pending system updates as well as future updates.

Select from the following options to configure your update policy:

Automatic. Send system updates to devices as soon as they become available.

Windowed. Schedule a daily maintenance window when devices can receive system updates. Selecting this option will display fields to set the start and end time for the window.

Postponed. Postpone new system updates for 30 days.

Freeze periods

Create freeze periods to define date ranges when devices will not receive system updates. When creating a freeze period, select a month and day for it to start and a month and day for it to end. Freeze periods are not set for a specific year, and will repeat annually on the selected dates. You can create up to 3 freeze periods, but the total number of days in all of the periods cannot exceed 90 days. You must also have a 60 day time period between freeze periods to ensure that devices have time to receive updates before the next freeze period begins. Freeze periods require Android 9.0+.