Work Profile Mode

Android Enterprise offers secure management of Android 5.1+ devices through work profiles. Work profile mode is typically used with employee-owned devices (BYOD). Work profiles keep the user's work related accounts, apps, and data separate from their personal data. Use Avalanche to set password restrictions for the work profile, configure work profile apps, and deploy enterprise approved apps to devices.

For a video tutorial about setting up Avalanche to use work profile features, see the following video:

Using Work Profiles with Avalanche

To enroll a device in work profile mode

1.Use the device to download and install the Ivanti Avalanche Android Enterprise enabler from the Google Play Store.

2.Open the enabler.

3.Enter the Enrollment ID, Password, and Server address in the text boxes and tap Setup Profile.

4.Tap Accept & continue to agree to Google's work profile terms and conditions.

The work profile is created, and the enabler is moved into the work profile.

5.From the work profile, open the Ivanti Avalanche Enterprise enabler. Work profile apps are indicated by a small briefcase badge on the icon.

6.(Optional) Enter the user's corporate user name and email address.

7.Tap Enroll.
The device is placed in the folder associated with the enrollment rule it used and can be viewed from the inventory tab.