Configuring Alert Emails

If you plan to use an SMTP server to forward alerts to an email address, you must configure the name or IP address of the server, a username and password, and a reply-to email address.

You must have administrator permissions to access these settings.

To configure email settings

1.Click Tools > System Settings.
The System Settings page appears.

2.Under Alert Settings, Click the Email Settings button.
The Email Settings dialog box appears.

3.Type the IP address or the location of the email server you want Avalanche to use in the E‑Mail server text box.

4.Type the Username and Password in the text boxes.

5.Type the address a reply should be sent to if an alert email is replied to in the Reply-to email address text box.

6.Type the address the email should have in the From field in the From email address text box.

7.Select the port Avalanche should use when contacting the email server.

8.Click Save to save your changes.