Connecting to the Avalanche Console

To access the Avalanche Console, you need:

An Internet browser. Use Internet Explorer 9 or 10, or the latest version of Chrome.

An internet or intranet connection between the Avalanche server and the computer where you will be using the Console.

Each user who will use the Console to configure software packages for Windows Mobile/CE devices must have a JRE installed.

If you choose to use a certificate to create a secure connection between the browser and the server, see Obtaining SSL Certificates for information on launching the Web Console over a secure connection.

To access the Console from a web browser

1.In the address field of your browser, type:


Or, if you set up the SSL certificate for the Tomcat web server:


where [address] is the IP address or DNS name of the machine where the Enterprise Server is installed.

The User Login page appears.

2.Enter your Login and Password.

Avalanche is installed with a default user login of amcadmin and password of admin.

3.Click Connect.

If your computer can contact the Enterprise Server and your credentials are valid, the Web Console launches.