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Each panel organizes and displays information about your enterprise. The columns and options of each panel differ based on what type of information is being displayed.

Mobile Devices panel

In the top left of the panel is the panel name.

The top right of the panel contains options for displaying the panel's information: how many items to display per page, and first/previous/next/last page options. There is also a Help button that opens a new browser window to a related help page. Panels that display information that may change also have a Refresh Data option in the top right corner, so you can manually refresh the information in the panel.

To refresh the information displayed on the page, you can also press F5.

The left side of the panel displays filters for the information displayed in the panel. When you use a filter, only the devices matching the filter's criteria show in the panel. Click on the Filters bar to expand the filters, then select the filters you want to use. You can use the automatic filters provided or, for the Mobile Devices panel, click Edit Filters to create custom filters.

To the left of some items is a check box that allows you to select the item for a particular task. For example, if you wanted to delete multiple devices simultaneously, you could select the check boxes for those devices and then click the Delete button at the top of the panel.

Some of the columns in the panels give you the option of sorting the information in the list according to that column. Sort a list according to column by clicking the name of the column. The first click will sort the list in alphabetic order, and a second click will sort the list in reverse alphabetic order. To display different information in the Mobile Device panel, create, edit, or rearrange the columns.

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