Understanding Edit Mode

When you edit a profile, payload, device group, or folder properties, you enter Edit Mode. While you are using Edit Mode, the item you are editing is locked. While an item is locked, no other user is able to edit the configuration. Edit Lock has an automatic timeout, at which point you are prompted in order to continue editing. If you do not respond to the prompt within the time configured, then you cannot save your changes and the item becomes open for other users to edit.

You can configure the timeout and the length of time after the prompt appears before the user’s lock is terminated. The timeout for Edit Lock has a default setting of 15 minutes, and the prompt timeout has a default setting of 1 minute. For instructions on configuring these timeouts, see Configuring General System Settings.

Consider the following when using Edit Mode:

Navigating away from the page you are editing will erase any unsaved information and cancel the edit lock.

You cannot edit unassigned or deleted server locations.

You do not need to enter Edit Mode to view where profiles are applied.