Viewing the Map

From the Web Console map, you can view your folders, the alert levels, and the GPS position and history of your mobile devices. You can also filter the information displayed by folder by going to the Map page and using the location breadcrumbs to navigate to the folder you want to view.

Devices running iOS do not report GPS location.

To view the map

1.Navigate to Tools > Maps.

2.Select the region or folder you would like to view in the navigation tree.

3.Under System Map, select the locations you would like to view.

The following options are available for configuring the map display:

The map navigation buttons allow you to zoom in and out and move the map view north, east, south and west. You can also move the map by clicking and dragging the map, and zoom by holding Shift and dragging the map.

Show Locations

Regions. Displays all regions that have defined GPS locations on the map. You can view location-specific information in a callout box when you click on a location.

Servers. Displays all server locations that have defined GPS locations on the map.

Device Folders. Displays the device folders that have defined GPS locations.

Show Device Positions

Device GPS Position. When this option is enabled, devices recently viewed will be displayed on the map at their reported location.

Device GPS History. When this option is enabled, the most recent device to have its location history plotted will have its location history displayed on the map.

GEO Fences. When this option is enabled, geofences that have been configured for the current location will be displayed on the map. Configure geofences using a mobile device profile.

The Show Device Positions options will only be available when you are viewing devices that have reported GPS coordinates.