Using the Central File Store

The Central File Store and the Central File Server are used to store and distribute files that are associated with payloads. For example, .apk files in Software Payloads or OS update files could be stored in the Central File Store.

When you deploy a payload with a file associated with it, the smart device server receives a list of the files that it needs. The smart device server connects to the Central File Server and requests the files. The Central File Server connects to the File Store and sends the files to the smart device server. When the device checks in, it downloads the files from the smart device server.

By default, Avalanche locates the Central File Store on the same computer where the Enterprise Server is installed. However, you may choose to use a network drive or other location for storing files.

If a device checks in before the smart device server has finished retrieving the files, the server tells the device to try again in a few minutes.

Use the following sections to determine when and where to use the Central File Store.

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ClosedWhere should I keep the Central File Store?

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Use the following sections to configure the Central File Store and manage its files.

ClosedImporting a certificate for the Central File Store

ClosedConfiguring the Central File Store

ClosedManaging files in the File Store