Creating and Configuring a Mobile Device Server Profile

A mobile device server profile allows you to configure logging, device connections, secondary server support, updates, and other settings for the mobile device server. A mobile device server profile can have its status set to enabled or disabled. The profile must be enabled before you can apply it. The home location for the profile is the location you have selected when you create the profile.

Mobile device server profiles are exclusive. With exclusive profiles, only the highest priority profile of that type is applied at any given folder. With inherited profiles, it is possible to have two profiles with the same priority number applied at a folder; in this situation, the profile that is applied at (or nearest to) the selected folder takes priority.

To create a mobile device server profile

1.From the Profiles tab, click New Profile.
The New Profile dialog box appears.

2.Click Mobile device server.

3.Type the name of the profile in the Name text box and configure the profile settings.

A mobile device server profile has the following configuration options:

ClosedGeneral Configuration

ClosedServer Communication Restrictions

ClosedDevice Update Schedules