QR Code Provisioning from the Enabler

Use QR code provisioning to send Wi-Fi and enrollment information from an enrolled Android Enterprise device to a new fully managed device. The device you are provisioning should either be in first time setup or a factory reset state.

If your device is running Android 8 or older, you will need to connect to the internet and download a QR scanner before you can scan the code.

To create a provisioning QR code from the enabler

1.On the device you are provisioning from, open the Avalanche enabler.

2.Tap the menu icon.

3.Tap Provisioning.

4.Tap New.

5.Enter the Wi-Fi and enrollment information you want to send to the other device.

6.Tap Save.

7.Tap QR code.

A provisioning QR code is generated that can be scanned by other devices.

You can also create a provisioning QR code by visiting the Ivanti Rapid site. However, if you use the Rapid site, you must re-enter the provisioning information every time you want to regenerate the code.

To provision a fully managed device with a QR code

1.Factory reset the device.

2.Tap an empty space on the start up screen six times.
The QR scanner opens.

3.Scan a provisioning QR code.

4.Tap Next to download the enabler and begin provisioning.

5.Tap Accept & continue to set up the device.

6.Tap Next to acknowledge that the device will be managed by your organization.

7.Tap Accept to approve the required Google services.

The device is enrolled with Avalanche as a fully managed device.