Installing the Enabler via ActiveSync

To install an AIDC Enabler on a device, use an executable file that installs the Enabler on your mobile device via an ActiveSync (or Microsoft Mobile Device Center) connection. You can obtain the Enabler executable file from the download page: go to the Downloads section and select the manufacturer for your device, then navigate to the page for your device model. Save this file on a PC with ActiveSync in order to be able to install the Enabler on your device.

To install the AIDC Enabler via ActiveSync

1.Double-click the Enabler executable file.
A Welcome dialog box appears.

2.Click Next.
A License Agreement dialog box appears.

3.Click I Agree to agree to the license agreement and continue installation.
A Choose Install Location dialog box appears.

4.Click Install to install the Enabler, or browse to the location where you want to save it.
The files are extracted and installed. When installation is finished, a Complete dialog box appears.

5.Ensure the Run Wavelink Avalanche Enabler box is enabled.

6.Click Finish.
The Wavelink Product Configuration window appears.

The Wavelink Product Configuration window can also be accessed by double-clicking the Enabler shortcut on the desktop or clicking Start > Programs > Wavelink Avalanche > [device name] Avalanche Enabler.

If you want to configure the Enabler after installation using a barcode scanner, you do not need to perform steps 8 through 11. However, enabling the Enable SaaS Mode option and then selecting Scan Configuration will force the Enabler to open the Scan Configuration dialog box as soon as the Enabler is launched on the device.

7.Click the Enabler Settings button.
The Avalanche Update Settings dialog box appears.

8.On the Connection tab, enable Configure Address and type the name of the Avalanche server in the Avalanche Server Address text box.

9.On the SaaS tab, enable the Enable SaaS Mode option. Click Manual Configuration and then type your Customer ID in the text box.

10.Click OK.
The configuration is saved and the Avalanche Update Settings dialog box closes.

11.Ensure that you have an active Microsoft ActiveSync partnership between the host system and the mobile device. If you want to use the default installation settings (such as installation path) rather than respond to each prompt during the installation, enable the Use default install settings option.

12.Click Application & Config.
The Product Install dialog box appears and displays the progress of the download.

After the download is complete, the Wavelink Product Configuration window indicates that the Enabler has been successfully installed.