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Troubleshooting with the Android Enabler

If you're using wrapped apps hosted on Avalanche with secure communication enabled, app traffic is directed from enrolled devices through the LANDESK Cloud Services Appliance (CSA).

With the troubleshoot option, you can detect issues including the following:

Avalanche is not sending a Security payload for accessing the CSA due to failed enrollment from incorrect login credentials or SDS address on the Enabler.

Avalanche is configured with an incorrect CSA address.

The CSA address is not reachable from the network configured on the device.

The CSA is refusing the connection.

To activate troubleshooting on the Enabler

1.Tap the dedicated menu button (three vertical dots).

2.Tap Enable Diagnostics.

3.Tap Log.

4.Tap the dedicated menu button again.

5.Tap More.

6.Tap Troubleshooting.
A dialog appears that describes the issue.

Consider running the Troubleshoot option multiple times as you resolve issues. This feature is only identifies the first issue it encounters when activated.

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