Allowing Remote Access to the Database

If you currently have your database server installed on the same computer as Avalanche, you do not need to configure the server for remote access. However, if your database server is on a different machine from where you will upgrade Avalanche, it must be configured to allow remote access.

To configure a PostgreSQL database for remote access

1.Ensure that no firewall settings are blocking port 5432.

2. Navigate to:

[PostgreSQL installation directory]\9.x\data


[Avalanche installation directory]\db\data

3.Using a text editor, open pg_hba.conf.

4.Add the following line to the host records at the bottom of the file:

host all all md5

Where is the range of addresses you will accept a connection from. For example,

5.Save your changes, and close the file.

6.Restart the PostgreSQL Server database service.

To configure the Microsoft SQL Server database for remote access

1.Launch SQL Server Management Studio.

2.In Object Explorer, right-click on your server and select Properties.

3.Click Connections.

4.Under Remote server connections, select Allow remote connections to this server.

5.Click OK to save the changes. Changing this setting does not require restarting the server.

6.Ensure TCP/IP protocols are enabled and your firewall is set to allow port 1433. For information on enabling TCP/IP, see Configuring Microsoft SQL Server.