Upgrading Avalanche in Place

If you are upgrading from Avalanche 6.0 or newer, you can install the latest version of Avalanche in the same place that Avalanche is already installed. The new version installs over the top of the existing version.

Before you choose to upgrade Avalanche in place, review System Requirements to confirm that the system meets the minimum requirements.

To upgrade Avalanche in place

1.Create a backup of Avalanche. For more information, see Backing Up and Restoring Avalanche.

2.(Optional) Identify and record scheduled tasks in Avalanche, if you want to reschedule them after the upgrade process.

3.Run the Avalanche installer. For more information, see Running the Avalanche Installer.

4.If you have installed mobile device servers separately from the Enterprise Server, upgrade mobile device servers. For more information, see Upgrading Device Servers

5. Obtain SSL certificates and FCM/ APNS credentials to connect smart devices. For information on obtaining SSL certificates, see Obtaining SSL Certificates. For more information about connecting devices, see Connecting Devices to the Avalanche Server.

6.Smart devices must be using 6.2+ enablers to use the Central File Store and receive new or migrated file payloads. Download enablers from the download site and install them on your smart devices. Software payloads can be used to distribute enablers to devices. AIDC devices will still use 5.3 enablers.

7.(Optional) If you want devices to connect to a different device server, use a network profile or smart device profile with the new server address to redirect devices.