Activating Licenses

When you activate Avalanche licenses, your licenses are verified and the License Server can then distribute them to the wireless devices on your network.

For other Ivanti products (such as Remote Control) used in conjunction with Avalanche, use the same activation method (from the Avalanche Console) that you use for Avalanche. You can activate these product licenses automatically, or if you have a wavelink.lic file from an older installation, contact Ivanti Support to exchange the license.

If Avalanche is on a system that has internet access, you can use automatic license activation. With this method, Avalanche automatically connects with a secure Ivanti web server to verify your license.

If you have a license file provided by Ivanti or have problems with the automatic activation, activate your license manually. To activate a license manually, use the Ivanti activation web site to generate a license file, and then import the license using the Avalanche Console.

When an Avalanche subscription license is activated, it will create two entries in the installed licenses table: one for mobile device servers and smart device servers, and one for Remote Control.