Managing Regions

A region is what you associate device servers with in the Navigation Tree. When you apply profiles to a region, the Avalanche Console applies the configurations to every folder and server within that region.

Avalanche allows you to create nested regions, enhancing your region and network control. For example, if you have several servers in one country, you can create a region for the country, and then inside of that create a region for each server.

To create a region

1.Use the Navigation Tree to navigate to the region where you want to create the new region.

2.Click the New Region button at the top of the Navigation Tree.
The New Region page appears.

3.Type a name for the new region in the text box.

4.If you do not want inherited profiles and device groups to be visible, enable the Hide inherited profiles and device groups option.

5.(Optional) Configure the latitude and longitude of the region. If you prefer to click the location on a map rather than provide the latitude and longitude coordinates, click the Use map to plot button.

6.Save your changes.

To delete a region

Select the region that you want to delete and click the Delete selected item button at the top of the Navigation Tree.

The region is deleted and any servers in that region are moved to the Deleted Server Locations folder.

Deleting a region is permanent. There is no way to retrieve deleted regions.