Configuring Software on Unenrolled Smart Devices

To configure Ivanti software powered by Wavelink (for example, the Terminal Emulation Client), use Avalanche to send configurations to the device without enrolling the device in Avalanche. Create the application configuration payloads in Avalanche, apply them, and then use a QR code to pull the configuration from the Avalanche server. For information about application configuration payloads, seeApplication Configuration Payloads.

To print the QR code to configure a device

1.Ensure the payloads have been created and added to an enabled, applied profile.

2.In the Navigation Tree, click on the name of a folder that has the profile applied.

3.Click View to view the folder details.

4.Click Print QR Code.
Avalanche generates a QR code that allows the device to pull the software configuration payloads associated with that folder.

To scan the barcode and configure the device

1.On the device, launch the Ivanti software.

2.From the menu, tap Scan Server Address.
The device launches the camera.

3.Scan the QR code.
The device connects to the Avalanche server, gets the information in the configuration payloads, and applies it to the Terminal Emulation Client.