Creating Device-Side Properties

Avalanche provides the ability to turn third-party information that is generated on AIDC and Android devices into properties that can then be displayed in the Avalanche Console. These properties are called device-side properties. You can use the device-side properties feature to obtain either static or dynamic information. For example, a device-side property could report a device’s serial number or state changes within a specific application.

The Avalanche Enabler sends device-side properties to the Enterprise Server; it does not collect the information. Users must create their own applications and utilities to gather the required information and write it to a plain-text file on the device.

Device-side properties must be written in key-value pairs to a plain-text file with a .prf extension and one vendor entry. Avalanche uses the vendor name to organize and display user-defined properties in the Properties panel on the Mobile Device Details page.

For Android devices, all custom properties must be defined on customproperties.prf and pushed to one of the following locations:

Android Zebra devices: /enterprise/usr/persist/

Android 4.4+: /sdcard/persist/

Android 4.3 or older: /externalSDcard/persist/

For more information about creating device-side properties, see the Creating Device-Side Avalanche Properties white paper.