Locating a Device using Cell Tower Information

When a device has GPRS capabilities, it can report the cell tower it is currently connected to. The Console can use this information to display an approximate location for the device on the map.

Avalanche uses geoservices.wavelink.com to retrieve information about the location of the cell towers. You must be able to access this website in order to use the Locate Cell Tower function.

To locate a device using cell tower information

1.From the Inventory tab, click the name of the device you want to locate in the Mobile Devices panel.
The Mobile Device Details page appears.

2.Click the Locate by Cell Tower button at the top of the page.
An icon appears on the map displaying the location of the cell tower the device reported.

You can also locate the device from the Mobile Devices panel by selecting the check box to the left of the mobile device and clicking Locate Cell Tower.