Reassigning a Smart Device

When a smart device enrolls, the enrollment rule puts it in a specific folder. If you want to move a smart device to a different folder, create the new folder, perform a deployment, and then move the devices into the new folder. The enrollment rule is not applied to the device after the initial enrollment, so the device does not move back to the initial folder.

To move an AIDC device from one folder to another, you must change the selection criteria for the folders. For more information, see Using Selection Criteria.

To move a smart device to a different folder

1.Ensure that the destination folder has been created and synchronized.

2.From the Inventory tab, find the device you want to move in the Mobile Devices panel.

3.Enable the check box to the left of the device name and click Reassign Folder.
The Location View dialog box appears.

4.Choose the destination folder from what is available in the list.
The device is moved to the new folder permanently. If there are different profiles applied (or the profiles are applied in a different priority), the device receives the changes the next time it connects to the Avalanche server.