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Configuring FCM for Android

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) enables Avalanche’s smart device server to establish communication with your Android devices. To enable FCM support on the smart device server, you must obtain credentials from Google to authenticate your server. This process involves creating a Firebase project, adding an Avalanche app to your project, obtaining FCM credentials, and providing Avalanche with your FCM credentials. To complete this process, you must have a Google account.

Avalanche currently has two apps that can use FCM for communication: the standard Avalanche Enabler and the Android Enterprise Enabler. Both apps can be supported in one Firebase project.

FCM only works with 6.3 enablers and newer.

If you previously used GCM with Avalanche and want to migrate to FCM, see Google's Migration Guide.

To create a Firebase project for Avalanche

1.In a web browser, navigate to https://console.firebase.google.com.

2.Click Add project.

3.Type AvalancheFCM in the Project name text box.

4.Select your analytics and billing region.

5.Accept the terms and conditions.

6.Click Create project.

7.Once the project is created, click Continue.
The Project Overview page appears and you can configure your project.

To add an Avalanche app to your Firebase project

1.In your AvalancheFCM Firebase project, navigate to Project Settings.

2.On the General tab, click Add Firebase to your Android app.
The Register app page appears.

3.If you are using the standard Avalanche Enabler, enter com.wavelink.android as the package name.
If you are using the Android Enterprise Enabler, enter com.ivanti.enterprise as the package name.

4.Click Register app.
The Download config file page appears.

5.Click Next.
The Add Firebase SDK page appears.

6.Click Next.
The Run your app to verify installation page appears.

7.Click Skip this step.
The app is added to the Firebase.

To obtain FCM credentials

1.In your AvalancheFCM Firebase project, navigate to Project Settings.

2.On the General tab, select the Avalanche app under Your apps.

3.Click the Download google-services.json button.
The google-services.json file downloads.

4.On the Service accounts tab, click Generate new private key.
The Generate new private key dialog box appears.

5.Click Generate key.
The service account's private key downloads.

To provide Avalanche with FCM credentials

1.In the Avalanche Console, navigate to the Profiles tab.

2.Click the name of the smart device server profile you want to edit.

3.Click Edit.

4.In the Google Firebase Cloud Messaging section, click Add next to Google-Services File.

5.Navigate to the google-services.json file and click Open.

6.Click Add next to Service Account File.

7.Navigate to the service accounts private key JSON file and click Open.

8.Click Save at the top of the profile.

9.Run a deployment.

Your Android devices can now use Google Cloud services for communication with Avalanche. You must also have an SSL certificate for the smart device server in order to connect smart devices. For more information about certificates, see Obtaining SSL Certificates.

If the smart device server log produces 403 errors, you may need to enable the Firebase Cloud Messaging API at https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library/fcm.googleapis.com.

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