Obtaining an APNS Certificate for iOS

Avalanche requires an Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) certificate in order to manage iOS devices. You need your own certificate to ensure secure communication between iOS devices and your servers. Ivanti cannot submit or obtain APNS certificates for or on behalf of your organization.

After obtaining an APNS certificate, you must also obtain an SSL certificate for the smart device server. For more information, see Obtaining SSL Certificates.

To complete this process, you must have an Apple ID.

To generate a CSR

1.Navigate to https://apnsportal.wavelink.com.

2.Click Start.

3.Perform the steps indicated to create a private key and certificate.

4.Perform the steps indicated to upload the certificate and download a Wavelink-signed certificate.

5.Open another browser tab and navigate to https://identity.apple.com/pushcert.

6.Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in.

7.Select Create a certificate.

8.From the Create a New Push Certificate page, browse and upload your signed certificate file.
The Apple Push Certificates Portal appears with the status Confirmation.

9.Click Continue.

10.Click Download.
The MDM_ LANDESK Software, Inc_Certificate.pem certificate downloads.

11.From the apnsportal.wavelink.com browser tab, click Next.

12.Perform the steps indicated to export the signed certificate to PKCS #12 format.

13.In the Avalanche console, navigate to the Profiles tab.

14.Click the name of your smart device server profile.

15.Click Edit.

16.In the Push Notifications section, click Add under the Apple iOS heading.

17.Locate the signed certificate file and click Open.

18.Enter the pass phrase associated with the certificate.

19.Click Save.

20.Run a deployment.

Your iOS devices are now able to use the Apple Push Notification service through Avalanche.