Scan to Enroll

Create QR codes from enrollment rules to easily enroll Android Enterprise devices. Once the enabler is on the device, scan the QR code to populate the enrollment authentication fields. Scan to enroll can be used for work profile and fully managed devices.

To create an enrollment rule QR code

1.In the Avalanche console, navigate to the Enrollment tab.

2.Select the check box next to the rule you would like to create a QR code for.

3.Click the Generate QR code icon in the toolbar.

4.Enter the address of your smart device server.

5.Click Generate QR code.

To enroll a device using scan to enroll

1.Provision the device with the Android Enterprise enabler. For information about provisioning devices with enablers, see Connecting Android Devices.

2.In the enabler, tap the Scan to enroll button.

3.Scan the QR code.

Enter the Enrollment ID, Password, and Server address fields are populated.

4.Tap Enroll.

The device in enrolled and begins downloading any assigned profiles.