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Creating Network Profiles

A network profile allows you to control network settings for AIDC devices. The profile must be enabled and applied to a folder; then it will be used by the devices meeting the profile's selection criteria.

To create a network profile

1.From the Profiles tab, click New Profile.
The New Profile dialog box appears.

2.Select Network Settings.
The New Profile Details page appears.

3.Type a name for the profile in the Name text box.

4.Click Launch wizard to use the Selection Criteria Builder to determine which devices the network profile manages. For details about using selection criteria, see Using Selection Criteria.

5.To add a mobile device IP address pool, click Edit.
The IP Address Pools dialog box appears.

In the Start text box, type the lowest number you wish to include in your pool.

For example: (for static addresses) (for addresses with a Server address mask)

In the End text box, type the highest number you wish to include in your pool.

For example: (for static addresses) (for addresses with a Server address mask)

If you desire the addresses in the range to be masked with the Server address, enable the Mask with server address check box and enter the mask.

For example:

Click Add to add the IP addresses to the IP address pool.
The available addresses and the mask will appear in the table to the left. This list will display all entered addresses.

Click Save to return to the New Profile Details page.

6.If desired, type any Notes in the text box.

7.If you want the profile to manage WLAN IP, WLAN, or WWAN settings, enable the appropriate check box. When the boxes are enabled, the related panels appear below. For information on the options in these panels, see Configuring Network Profiles.

8.Click Save.
The network profile is created and can be configured further or assigned to a folder.

To clone an existing network profile

1.From the Profiles tab, select the profile you want to clone.
The profile's details page appears.

2.Click Clone.

3.Edit the new profile's details as needed and click Save.

4.Click Close.
The new profile appears in the original profile's folder location and is unassigned.

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