Zebra Common Settings Payload

Configure common general settings for Zebra LinkOS printers. This payload is useful for creating a "gold standard" state for your printers and distributing configurations to many printers at once.

Applying multiple common settings payloads to a profile or device can lead to conflicts. This may result in settings being configured in unexpected ways. In addition to this, some printer settings can be configured by multiple types of payloads. For information about how settings are applied and payload priority, see Printer Payloads.

Printer payloads are applied every time a printer checks in, even if the printer already has the payload. The configurations in this payload will overwrite any outside changes every time the printer checks in, including those made through direct communication, the Zebra utility, or manually.

Support for each option in this payload may vary by printer model. If a printer receives a setting configuration it does not support, it will use its default configuration. For information about what is supported by each model, see the user manual that came with your printer or Zebra's documentation: Command Support.

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