Zebra Native Settings Payload

Configure native settings on Zebra LinkOS printers. The settings configured by this payload are based on Zebra SGD and ZPL commands. Any setvar SGD command or ZPL command that configures settings can be entered in this payload. For information about using SGD and ZPL and the available settings, see Zebra Printer Commands.

Applying multiple native settings payloads to a profile or device can lead to conflicts. This may result in settings being configured in unexpected ways. In addition to this, some printer settings can be configured by multiple types of payloads. For information about how settings are applied and payload priority, see Printer Payloads.

Printer payloads are applied every time a printer checks in, even if the printer already has the payload. The configurations in this payload will overwrite any outside changes every time the printer checks in, including those made through direct communication, the Zebra utility, or manually.

This payload has two input options: table entry or text entry. Only the data under the type selected next to input type will be sent to printers, even if there is data under both types.

Table Entry

Table entry is based on setvar SGD commands. Enter the attributes and values you would like to configure in the table. Avalanche converts your entries into SGD commands for you when they are sent to printers.

When adding an attribute to this payload, enter it in lowercase.

For example, to set the power up action to be to move to the next label, enter:





Text Entry

In the text entry input box, enter setvar SGD, ZPL, or JSON commands to send to printers. This is useful for pasting in large strings of commands or if you are more comfortable using ZPL or JSON. For more information, see Zebra Printer Commands.