Using the File Explorer

Access the File Explorer of the mobile device during your Remote Control session. This enables you to view, copy, rename, or delete files and perform tasks on the mobile device.

To use the File Explorer:

1.From the Avalanche Web Console, navigate to the Mobile Device Details page and click File Explorer.


After you have established a Remote Control session with the device, click the Files tab in the Web Viewer.

2.Use the folder icons to navigate to the desired file.

When you select the file, the file information appears in a panel above the File Explorer, and you have the options to Run, Open, Download, Rename, or Delete the file from the mobile device.

To copy a file to the device, navigate to the location you want the file stored and click Upload File. When the Uploading Files area appears, click Browse to find the file you want to copy to the device. After selecting the file, click Upload.

Use the Add Directory and Delete Directory options to change the file structure.

Remote Control will make the changes on the device as you perform the desired tasks.