Creating a JSON File for Smart Device Remote Control

Before the Avalanche Console can begin the first Smart Device Remote Control session with an Android device, the device needs to be logged in to the service. Instead of manually logging in each device, use a smart device profile and file payload to distribute a JSON file with the log in credentials to devices.

To create the JSON file

1.Using a text editor, create a new text file named splashtop.streamer.json.

2.Enter the following information to reflect the credentials set during the Smart Remote Control Gateway set up :

"default_address": "server address:port",
"default_username": "username",
"default_password": "password"

3.Save the file.

To distribute the file to devices, add it to a file payload and use a smart device profile to distribute it. For more information about file payloads, see File Payload.

To begin a remote control session

1.From the Inventory tab, click the device you want to connect to in the Mobile Devices panel.
The Mobile Device Details page appears.

2.Click the Remote Control icon at the top of the page.
A remote control session begins.