Controlling Android Devices

If Avalanche and your Samsung SAFE (or KNOX APIs enabled) Android devices are set up with the Remote Control server URL, you can access device details and control these devices through Avalanche. For information on setting up remote control, see Enabling RC for Samsung SAFE Devices.

Smart devices should remain unlocked during a remote control session ensure a connection between the server and device. The device must be connected to the server to initiate a remote control connection.

You can remotely control multiple devices simultaneously without disconnecting from current sessions.

When controlling an Android device using Remote Control, you can:

Send Context, Home, Back, Search, and Task Manager button commands to the device through the Viewer window.

Send alphanumeric characters and symbols to the device using a standard keyboard.

Use a mouse for the corresponding touch events:

Click for a single tap.

Double-click for a double tap.

Click and hold for a long press.

Click and drag for a finger swipe.