Remote Control for Windows Mobile/CE (AIDC) Devices

Avalanche integrates with Avalanche Remote Control, so you can view and control any connected Windows Mobile/CE (AIDC) device from the Avalanche Console. To use Avalanche Remote Control with AIDC devices, the device must have a Remote Control package installed and licensed.

To enable Remote Control for Windows Mobile/CE (AIDC) devices

Use a software profile to distribute the Remote Control software package to devices.

1.Obtain the Remote Control software from the download site. This includes the appropriate server for your environment and the client.

2.Install and configure the Remote Control server. For detailed information, see the Avalanche Remote Control User Guide.

3.Obtain an SSL certificate for the Remote Control Server. For information about certificates, see Obtaining SSL Certificates.

4.Obtain Remote Control licenses from your Ivanti sales representative.

5.In Avalanche, create a software profile. For more information, see Managing Software Profiles.

6.Add the Remote Control software package to the software profile.

7.Deploy the software profile to devices.

To begin a remote control session

1.From the Inventory tab, click the device you want to connect to in the Mobile Devices panel.
The Mobile Device Details page appears.

2.Click the Remote Control icon at the top of the page.
A remote control session begins.

Once you are connected to a mobile device, you can access the Registry Explorer, File Explorer, and Process Manager using the available icons in the Tools panel.

For information about configuring remote control settings, see Editing AIDC Remote Control Settings.