Application Configuration Profiles

Use application configuration profiles to manage Ivanti Terminal Emulation or Velocity Clients on smart devices. An application configuration profile has payloads associated with it, and each payload contains specific settings for host profiles, SSL certificates, and emulation parameters.

Settings in payloads are only sent to devices after the payloads are associated with a profile and the profile is enabled and applied to a folder. When there are multiple profiles applied to a folder that a device is in, the device can receive payloads from all of the applied profiles.

To create an application configuration profile

1.Navigate to the Profiles tab.

2.Click New Profile in the Available Profiles panel.
The New Profile dialog box appears.

3.Click Application configuration under Wavelink Applications.
The Application Configuration Profile dialog box appears.

4.Type a name for the profile in the Name text box.

5.To add payloads to the profile, enable the check box or radio button next to the name of the payload.

6.Click Save.

The folder selected in the Navigation Tree when you create the profile will be the profile's home folder.

For more information about application configuration payloads, see Application Configuration Payloads.