Network Restrictions Payload (Samsung SAFE)

A network restrictions payload allows you to configure firewall rules for Samsung SAFE devices through Avalanche. By setting restrictions and allowances, you prevent or allow outgoing traffic to specific addresses and ports. The payload sends information directly to the Samsung SAFE device's IP tables.

These filtering rules only apply to the default browser on your device. Other installed browsers are unaffected.

Network values should be provided in the following formats:

IP Address:

Port: 8080-8085


Ranges and wildcard characters are allowed. Wildcard domain names are only allowed with the URL Filtering option.

Allow/Deny IP configuration

Allows the device to send, receive, or block traffic from a specific network location. The rule can be specified by IP address and port number.

Redirect rule

Allows the device to redirect traffic to another destination, such as a proxy server.

Ranges and wildcards are allowed for Host Target and Port Target.

Redirect exception rule

Allows the device to provide exceptions to redirect rules based on IP addresses and port numbers. These rules take precedence over any redirect rules.

URL Filtering

Prevents the device from accessing specific URLs through its default web browser. This list is a URL blacklist, indicating websites not approved for access by displaying a security policy restriction message when an unapproved URL is accessed.