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Creating a Scan to Config Profile

A Scan to Config Profile is used to configure network settings, device properties, and registry keys on a mobile device. After you have configured the profile from the Avalanche Console, you can print the barcodes. When a device scans the barcodes, it will be configured with the settings you defined in the profile. The folder selected when you create the profile will be the profile's home folder.

WEP key rotation is not supported for Scan to Config profiles.

To create a Scan to Config profile

1.From the Profiles tab, click New Profile.
The New Profile dialog box appears.

2.Select Scan-to-Config settings.
The New Profile Details page appears.

3.Type a name for the profile in the Name text box.

4.To encrypt the barcodes, type a passcode in the Encryption Passcode text box and confirm it in the Confirm Passcode text box. The passcode is used to encrypt the barcode data. The mobile device user must enter the same passcode when he scans the barcodes so that the Enabler can decrypt the barcode data. If the user does not input the correct passcode at the device, then the barcode data is not decrypted and the scan registers as invalid.

5.Set the maximum barcode length. This defines how many characters are encoded in each barcode.

6.If you have already configured a network profile and want to use the settings from that profile, enable Use settings from network profile and select the network profile from the drop-down list. Select Use current profile setting to use the current settings or, if the network profile has multiple scheduled settings, select Use scheduled profile change effective and select the start time from the drop-down list. For more information about network profiles, see Managing Network Profiles.

7.If you want to set a static IP address for the device, enable Assign static IP address and type the IP Address, Subnet mask , and Gateway in the appropriate boxes.

8.If desired, type any notes in the Notes text box.

9.Click Save.
The profile is created and appears in the Profiles tab.

To edit the configuration, click on the name of the profile and click Edit on the Profile Details page. To create a clone of an existing profile, its current settings, and any assigned payloads, click Clone on the Profile Details page. This creates an unassigned clone of the profile that can be applied to any other folder location.

Scan to Configure Profiles also allow you to add details such as registry keys or custom properties.

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