Scanning Barcodes

To scan and apply a Scan to Config profile, open the Scan Configuration dialog box on the mobile device. Use the mobile device to scan the barcodes in any order. When all the barcodes are scanned, the Enabler applies the configurations on the device.

The barcodes are numbered and contain data that tells the device how many barcodes are in the set. This allows you to scan the barcodes out of sequence. Settings are applied after all the barcodes are scanned.

To scan the configuration

1.From the Enabler on the mobile device, select File > Scan Config.
The Scan Configuration dialog box appears.

2.Enter the passcode (if configured) and begin scanning.

As you scan the barcodes you will be able to view the status, the number of remaining barcodes, and the number of scanned barcodes.

Once you have scanned all available barcodes, the network settings are applied and the Scan Configuration dialog box closes.