Building New Software Packages

Avalanche allows you to compile files to create a new software package. Creating a package bundles files together so they can be installed together. Ensure you know the location of the files you want to include in the package before you begin building the package.

In addition to the files, a new software package has the following options:


A title for the package.


The package vendor.


The version number of the package.

Install Drive

The drive on the mobile device where the package will be installed.

Install Path

The exact path where the package will be installed.

Post Install Options

(Optional) Options for if the device will perform a warm boot or a cold boot after installation has completed, or if a program runs as soon as installation is completed. When you select to run a program, the drop-down list will become active and you can select the program from your package to run.

To build a new package

1.From the Available Profiles panel on the Profiles tab, click on the software profile you want to edit.
The Software Profile Details page appears.

2.In the Software Packages panel, click New.
The Software Package Wizard appears.

3.Select Create a new Avalanche package and type a name for the package in the text box.

4.Click Next.
The Specify the Files in the Ad Hoc Package page appears.

5.Click the Upload File button, navigate to and select the file you want to add, and then click Add.
The file is added to the list.

6.Continue adding files if needed.

7.When you have added all the files, click Next.
The Ad Hoc Package Options page appears.

8.Configure the package options and click Next.
The Add Selection Criteria to the Ad Hoc Package page appears.

9.If you want to configure selection criteria for the package, enable Add Selection Criteria and either enter the information in the text box or click Launch Wizard to use the Selection Criteria Builder.

10.Click Next.
The files will be prepared for installation on a device.

11.When the package is complete, click Next.
The Configure Software Package page appears. This page allows you to enable the package immediately.

12.Click Finish to complete the package.